[Coco] Re: Looking for...

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Tue Nov 9 05:58:56 EST 2004

Bob Devries schrieb:
> Torsten, here in OZ, there were two styles of feet. One was a square grey
> rubber stick-on type, and the other was a plastic black one which had a
> special plastic pin to locate it.
> Which do you need?

Hi Bob,

I'll figure it out later. I've three CoCo3s from OZ, two are US made,
one is Korea made. AFAIR the US version has round grey feet (don't know
yet if with pin or not), the Korea version has black one (like my CoCo2s
have). However, one US version seems to have lost its original feet.
Someone glued (not very carefully) other (not original) feet to it, of
which one is lost. I'll take some photos later of feet who might work.
BTW, I've never seen "square" ones, all were round. LOL, taking photos
of my Coco's feet... kind of "CoCo foot fetishism", one should start a
special section on CoCo feet here:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foot_fetishism .

Thanx & CU,

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