[Coco] A Hobbits Adventure for OS-9

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Mon Nov 1 17:41:11 EST 2004


What kind of "megaread" speeds do you get from your B&B setup??

I remember when I had mine the fastest it would go was about 35 secs,
typical was around 50 sec?? Been a REALLY long time ago.

Our TC^3 does it in ~10 seconds and the SuperIDE in ~18seconds.

RAMdisk?? Nope, just speed up your storage device...... :)



>I have a game on my OS-9 hard disk called A Hobbits Adventure. In this
>you avoid orcs by hiding behind trees.
>I copied this game many many years ago and I don't remember where I got
>Problem is when I try to play the game it keeps reading from the harddisk
>for every "turn" making the game slow and almost impossible to play.
>I was wondering if anyone knows what this game should have loaded in
>to speed it up?
>In the games directory is the files hobbit and mods. I've loaded mods and
>hobbit in memory but the game performs the same.
>Anyone know how to fix this?
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