[Coco] wimgtool.exe

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Fri Nov 12 00:44:21 EST 2004

I thought I'd let everyone know who doesn't already, that they added a tool 
called "wimgtool.exe" to the M.E.S.S. download.  It's basically a GUI 
version of imgtool.exe.  Very simple to use.

I see that you can click on your Windows .dsk files and the wimtool app 
will start up and show you the CoCo files on it.  You can add to the disk 
or extract from it, etc.

I have already integrated this tool into the next update of Portal-9 after 
1.60, and am also working on a Portal-9 help file.  I also added Chet 
Simpson's CASM.chm help file to the IDE which covers a lot of CoCo 3 
technical information.

Roger Taylor

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