[Coco] Streaming audio and viideo

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Sun May 30 16:41:58 EDT 2004

On 30-May-04, at 4:12 PM, Dave Kelly wrote:

> What hardware would I need?

A mic and a sound card. Depending on how good you want it, there are a 
lot of different solutions. I'm not an audio expert, so you'll probably 
want to talk to someone at a music shop or whatever for the details of 
the audio hardware.

You'll need a machine that can handle the encoding software.

Oh, and an ethernet card for internet access. :)

> What software Would I need?

Some kind of broadcasting software, like Real's Helix (I think), or 
Apple's Quicktime Broadcaster. Both are free, and open source. Then you 
need the encoding software. That I'm not too familiar with, but other 
than open source tools, if there are any that encode fast enough, I 
think you have to pay... but I'm not sure. Look for "streaming audio 
encoder" or the like.

And if you want to do video too, that'll be a little more expensive. 
Any computer bought within the last couple of years should be able to 
stream mp3 in real time.


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