[Coco] Streaming audio and viideo

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Sun May 30 16:12:56 EDT 2004

I'm going to run this by this group first.
I want set up something where I could put some music players in front of 
a microphone and then send their songs out over the internet.

Every year right behind my house we have a renaissance festival that 
last 7 weekends. I would like to get some of the entertainers to put on 
a radio program while they are here.

Basicly like the independent radio stations on the net. If I could get 
video along with that, great.

What hardware would I need?
What software Would I need?

I did a 'google' search, but I don't know what words to plug in to get 

Anyone had any experience they can share?

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