[Coco] B.L.CoCo Phoenix project.

David Gacke dgacke at ektarion.com
Sun May 30 10:15:54 EDT 2004

I dunno Stephen... 

I would think most people that are capable of finding newsgroups are
aware of YahooGroups also. Just my opinion, but I think it really won't
make much difference to the overall headcount of this list, with the
combination of MaltedMedia and YahooGroups. There's already a
bidirectional echo between those 2 I believe.

I'm sure someone else here could verify that it's bidirectional.

Just my opinion.


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Take a look at the complete text of one of my recent messages at the end
this message.

See any valid e-mail addresses (Other than the gmane ones)?

If you are reading a message and wish to reply, clicking on reply to
results in preparing to send a message To:
<coco-uNHYcr1XS/wmlAP/+Wk3EA at public.gmane.org>

If you are reading a message and wish to reply, clicking on reply to
results in preparing to send a message To:
<sfischer1-mn4gwa5WIIQysxA8WJXlww at public.gmane.org>

This will not change if people read the messages on UseNet
*"Bit.Listserv.CoCo"* NewsGroup.

There are some gmane hoops to jump through the first time a new user
replies. Or posting the first time. Reading is like before as I showed.

Persons who change the addresses or  post to the newsgroup will

Thus instructions on how to post will continue to be needed.

Phase 1:  Discussion and planning. Request purging of SPAM messages in
UseNet *"Bit.Listserv.CoCo"* NewsGroup. (All messages before Jan 31,
Princeton shut the mail list down.)

Phase 2: Posting of only Subjects discussed in the week. Once a week.

Phase 3: Posting of Weekly Digests once a week. Web site copies started.

Phase 4: Posting of Threads once a week. Phase 3 Digests may be
broken up in smaller postings.

Phase 5: Posting of Digests from previous weeks in reverse order. Not
linked to current Digests, hopefully some done by other volunteers.

Phase 6: Perhaps immediate posting of messages. Weekly posts meet my
increased visibility goals.

Poll questions:

a) Op in or Op out by individual members or post all members messages to

b) Include OT messages?


How do I not include my e-mail address when posting the subject only

I do *NOT* wish to do any posting to UseNet *"Bit.Listserv.CoCo"*

While I do have most of the messages posted to gmane, I may have missed
some. Need reliable source of the messages.

Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1 at mindspring.com>


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The reason that I am suggesting only a one way link is that we can make
that our e-mail addresses are not included. Those fools that do post to
UseNet *"Bit.Listserv.CoCo"* NewsGroup will be advisied that they should
either Yahoo or MaltMedia facilities for posting.

Kenneth Schunk wrote:
> Stephen:
> The main problem I see with posting from the group to usenet that is
> the presence of my e-mail address in anything I post. Once upon a time
> it was fine to post to usenet with a real e-mail address, but these
> days any address I use that is posted there quickly turns into a spam
> collector. I can use my real address here knowing that it's unlikely
> be harvested by a robot someplace and added to a spam list.
> Ken
> And I must say that it's unlikely that Windows XP service pack
> will change the way I use the internet, since I'm using Mac OS-X. Then
> again it might - perhaps it will stop some of the script kiddie
> attempts on my firewall!

This group will not be affected as much as some others. SP2 turns on the
*most* restrictive settings by default. This group has flamed people for
using HTML in e-mail. Now MS will do the flaming.

With the firewalls on by default, hopefully people will give up trying
get past them so you may see a reduction.

I cannot find quickly the document that suggested to me that everyone
be affected. I will have to look some more.
Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1-mn4gwa5WIIQysxA8WJXlww at public.gmane.org>

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