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Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Sun May 30 09:35:54 EDT 2004

(top-posting for brevity)
I'm still a little confused as to what this SP2 will actually do. It looks like
you're saying it will put everyone back to text-only, not allowing html email
content by default rather than relying on a user setting it that way.

I agree, a little color, italics and bold can greatly enhance a message. RTF
(rich-text) was great for that, and not a security risk like html has been. I
wonder why that was never included in email's abilities. That's another of the
various reasons I like the forums Roger has at CoCo3.com... you can do those
things, and safely.

I still intend to never allow XP in my house. If I were to buy a new PC today,
the first thing I'd do is wipe the damn hard drive. I'm about sick of those
hacks at M$ and sure don't need them rooting around my hard drive whenever they
feel like. Absolute power corrupts absolutley. I don't trust 'em.


> > As for XP (ptooey!), Uncle Bill needs to get over himself. We're changing
> > how they make Windows, not the other way around. So what, they're gonna
> > make it the way we think it should have been all along, right? ;-)
> >
> > Bob
> Yes, much of what is changing (In windows) is just stopping many things that
> most people today would say are bad things to do.
> As the Internet was ramping up to what we have today, clearly some things
> were done in ways that were bad from a security position.
> They were done with the intent to make a better experience for the users. I
> like much of what will soon be harder (Perhaps read Impossible)
> to do. A lot of the Internet users use them. They keep their security
> settings correct to allow them to trust messages from each other.
> I believe that most of the mailing lists need only ordinary text and not
> HTML. But there are times when color will really add to the understanding of
> messages. Also including pictures at times.
> Many members of this mailing will disagree with me.  But then why are they
> using *BOLD* /Italic/ _Underlined_ text. I content that they are using the
> text enhancements for the same reasons I want to use color. On my computer
> :) ROTFL :-II :D ;o) %-( 8-) ;( 8-O *eg* :( LOL :-r ;-(*)  display as
> graphics. Those are not what I speak of when I suggest pictures, but the
> person who created the OE enhancement (probably broken in SP2 but I hope
> not) was trying to meet the human ability to pass information quicker with
> graphics. We all have heard the saying: A picture is worth a 1000 words.
> I am willing in the interest of security to give up e-mail messages that
> automatically pull in graphics and other things. I delete messages from
> Earthlink and others that consist of only graphics. Some I relook at when I
> am connected just to pull in the graphics.
> The advertisers will of course find ways around this. Probably making many
> e-mail messages much larger by including the graphics in the message, not to
> be pulled in by a link.
> We will all see changes. Watch the size of messages get bigger as SP2 is
> installed world wide.
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> Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1 at mindspring.com>

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