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    Some of just lurk on these lists and post about once a decade <G> 
Seriously, it does appear that there's a good amount of hardward 
development going on. Also, it takes a good, solid, readily available OS 
to encourage software development. Since my OS/9 disks have been bad 
since probably before the last time I posted to these lists, that has 
been a bit of a problem. With NitrOS-9 available now for the stock 6809, 
we have a readily available OS. I think, while you have some points, 
that the pieces are falling into place nicely for CoCo development to 
really pick up pace.

Rod Barnhart

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> I find it.... well .... wierd that there doesn't even barely seem to 
>be an online COCO community yet people still have COCO fests.
> Maybe I don't read the correct "lists" or forums. I check here on 
>yahoo or Delphi about daily to find.... nothing. I think you can 
>count the number of active people in these forums on a single hand.
> There doesn't seem to be any real software dealers. No one from the 
>old software companies like Sundog or Diecom are active with the COCO 
>at all. These floppys are 15+ years old and when they go bad we are 
> Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking bad, I'm just saying the COCO 
>community seems very much dead. I think I find this so shocking 
>because all the years I spent reading Rainbow magazines, going to 
>Rainbow fests in NJ, and ordering every COCO game I could buy as a 
>young person, and now ..... nothing.
> I mean, go on over to an Atari community... Maybe not Atari 
>computers, I don't know I never liked Atari computers, but the old 
>game systems. Now those are active and working online groups.
>Just my thoughts .....

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