[Coco] request for OS9 manual page scans

Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Fri May 28 10:45:12 EDT 2004

--- "Stephen H. Fischer" <SFischer1 at MindSpring.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Well I never!
> Send me a snail mail address and I will send you a CD with 600 DPI scans and
> more OCR files.
> What was put on RTSI was limited due to my 56K connection and not wanting to
> use up too much space on RTSI.
> I can run some of the pages through the OCR program again and do a better
> job (That is after I get the current magazine scanning done).
> What you got was a quick hands off auto scan, the OCR program can do a
> better job with just a little help. Other output formats are available.

Oh, I'm wading my way through it just fine. Those 2 pages ("Windowing System"
3-30/31) had large tables that the OCR wasn't up to. If I get really stuck I'll
send you my address for that CD, but I'm moving this week so I'll hold off for


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