[Coco] RS-232 pak problems

James Dessart james at skwirl.ca
Thu May 20 17:04:52 EDT 2004

On 20-May-04, at 4:50 PM, Robert Gault wrote:

> Straighten the pin (if possible without breaking), reinsert the chip, 
> and try again.

I had done that, but it didn't help any.

> Your version of the pak seems to be set for autostart. Mine does not 
> autostart.

Yeah... however, it's autostarting to something that doesn't seem to be 
working. Maybe someone rewrote the ROM to autostart... is it usually an 
eeprom, or just a straight ROM? It looks to be the original Tandy one.

> If one ROM pin was not connecting, that could account for your 
> problems. It does not necessarily mean the ROM is fried.

Well, it should be connecting fine now. But no improvement. Pressing 
Break gives me nothing... it just sits at the screen.

> Please not that most Coco users don't make use of the ROM. I long ago 
> removed the ROM and used either an OS-9 program or Ultimaterm as they 
> were much better than the ROM program.

Oh, I agree, but it serves as a useful test to see if the thing's 
working. Before resoldering the clock trace, I had tried to access the 
6551 using the addresses, but I wasn't getting appropriate values (it 
was in a multipak slot that wasn't the primary one). I'm guessing the 
values in the manual should be correct, but I was getting 112 from the 
status register.

So, given that, any other suggestions?


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