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Thu May 13 14:10:31 EDT 2004


I haven't tried it under NitrOS-9 on the new SuperDriver package. From what
I recall from the Glenside driver is that the CF is as fast a hard drive.
There was some interesting data we recorded on how fast CF can format. Some
in 10seconds and others in 35 seconds per a HDB-DOS drive. ???? 

Boisy have made alot of improvements to our driver. MAJOR release in the
near future. In testing phase........

Final answer......FAST but not as fast as SCSI.



>Q: On CoCo, how fast is CF compared to a real HD? CF still faster than 
>CoCo? Megaread speed?
>Q2: I note "faster" CF - like 2x, etc. Does it matter on a CoCo?
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