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Thu May 13 06:05:30 EDT 2004

--- grantkcmo75 <grantkcmo75 at kc.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone.  I hope all is going well for everyone.  I have 
> finally found EBay and purchased a lot of COCO stuff trying to build 
> my collection.  It is fun to get back into the old COCO's.  I have some
> questions I hope you can help me with.

First of all, welcome back!
> 1.  The COCO Fest this weekend I have been debating driving up there 
> from Kansas City, but I not sure what it is all about.  Will people 
> be selling stuff there?

Just go if you have the opportunity!

> 2.  How do I download program from the internet on my PC and get 
> them over to the COCO?

Find Jeff Vavasour's CoCo2 or 3 emulator. They include the following:
DSKINI.EXE converts a .dsk file (emulated or "virtual" floppy disk)
           into a real CoCo disk. You either need a 5.25 drive on
           your PC or a 3.5 drive (easier IMO) on the CoCo.
RETRIEVE.EXE converts real CoCo disks into .dsk files for emulators.
PORT.EXE tansfers individual files between the PC file system and
         either real or virtual disks. I save Basic programs in
         ascii (SAVE"FILE",A) and then PORT it over to the PC
         to edit them in Notepad or similar.
> 3.  Where can I buy 5 1/4 disk and tapes for the COCO.  They are 
> very hard to find here.
ebay... I'd recommend getting some 720K 3.5" disks and adding a
3.5" drive to the CoCo. A modern 3.5" drive works great.
I personally have had no problems using 1.4MB disks with the
high density hole taped over, but folks say they will tend to
lose data over time.

> 4.  I got a Multi Pak for the COCO's, but it does not work on the 
> COCO 3.  I remember this issue back in theday, but I do not know if 
> it can be fixed.

Yes it can, assuming it works at all. Go to www.coco3.com and look
for the link to Paul Barton's site "Only On Saturday Night".
Then look for a link to your MPI model (-3024 or -3124).
It's an easy mod, or you can buy a chip for one of them.
> anyone out there has anything for sale please let me know.

check out www.vintagefunworld.com (CoCo link near the bottom)

> purchased a lot of COCO programs from EBay and I need help loading 
> them.  They have no manuals and I do not remember how to load 
> program from disk other than the load"filename"  and them run.  
> There was another way if I remember correctly. 

LOAD"filename" for basic, LOADM and EXEC for machine language.
DOS for OS-9 games (if you have disk basic 1.1)

> If you have access to 
> some old manuals let me know, 

There are many online, but many, many more not online. Usually
if you have specific needs someone will post all or part of the
manual in question if you ask here.

Again, welcome back
Bob Emery

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