[Coco] Re: Experimental CoCo Case Repaintings

Clifford clifford.redding at gte.net
Tue May 4 20:23:44 EDT 2004

Too nice! I feel like saluting!
Very nice job!


"Boisy G. Pitre" <boisy at boisypitre.com> wrote in
message news:BCABB86F-9E21-11D8-83D5-0003939F08E6 at boisypitre.com...
> Ok folks, I have a couple of (large) images of a repainted CoCo 2 case
> using the Krylon Fusion paint.  I have to say I am pleased with the
> results, and even so it could have come out much better had I waited a
> bit longer for drying.  Consider this a dry run...
> http://aes.dyndns.org:6809/DSC00006.JPG
> http://aes.dyndns.org:6809/DSC00007.JPG
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