[Coco] Possible remedy for old yellow

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There are some industrial paints that are available, that do work 
well but require heat tempering to become somewhat durable. I 
believe the paint is cured in a oven. The problem is to high a 
temperature and the plastic deforms and to low the curing time is to 
long and the cumalitive heat treatment will also deform plastics. 

I remember that some of the mechanical engineers at work about 6 
yrs ago were experimenting with the painting of polycarbonate 
palstics pieces. They met with some success. 


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> > Thanks for the info Robert... somehow I missed this post before. I'm
> > not 
> sure
> >  what happened to these cases either, they were all given to me
> >  pretty badly yellowed. I'll try some tests and let you all know. I
> >  think ultimately I 
> may
> >  just recommend spray paint. ;-) (I've thought about a black &
> >  silver CoCo3)
> Did you know that the original silver case Coco 1s are actually black
> plastic with the silver paint sprayed on?  Years ago, someone's case
> got scratched up, so he took it apart and bathed both halves of his
> case in paint stripper.  And got a shiny midnite black Coco!  It
> twisted a lot of heads when brought to a meeting.
> But given the blah white/beighe/whatever yellow case II and III
> models, I agree that a lime yellow or fire truck red paint job could
> be a real worthwhile addition :-)  --Mike K.
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