[Coco] CoCo items for sale

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Sat May 29 23:01:56 EDT 2004

Please reply to John Wesson if you are interested in any of the CoCo items 
he listed.

to: help at coco3.com
from: "John Wesson" <wessonj at att.net>

At 03:55 PM 5/29/2004, you wrote:
>If you know anyone in the New England or eastern NY area who would be
>interested in a complete Coco 3 system plus plenty of spare parts, I have an
>ebay auction where I am trying to give this stuff away to a good home... The
>starting price is $5.99 I just ant to give all this stuff to someone who
>will use it.
>  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=1247&item=4134570464
>The auction is for a 1024KB Coco 3 with a Disto Super controller, two disto
>cards 9HD+serial amd a second one serial, parallel, RTClock located on an
>addressing board inside the computer. the system has a 360K floppy, 720K
>floppy and a 30 MB (or is it a 40 MB) harddrive. The system also has an
>analog color monitor and a line printer
>I also have softare, manuals, more than 60% of the Rainbow magazines
>published, etc.
>i also have spare: a 2nd 512K Coco3, two more Disto controllers, a CMOS chip
>burner, spare BIOS chips, spare drives and cases. I think there is a speech
>synthesized somewhere as well.
>I really don't want to pack up and ship this stuff. If you have contacts,
>could you put the word out. I would rather give this to a hobbist that throw
>it all out...
>John Wesson
>Vernon, CT

Roger Taylor

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