[Coco] Marianne Banerjee (1967-2004)

Aaron Banerjee spam_proof at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 27 21:30:28 EDT 2004

  Sorry for the off-topic post, but I have some bad news.  My wife,
Marianne, and mother of probably one of the younger coconuts (Jacob, my
3 1/2 year old son, who likes playing with a small BASIC program I wrote
), was found dead at her home in Shelby Township, MI on May 14, 2004.
Officially, the cause of death was "non-epileptic seizure".  My belief is
that the "seizure" was only part of the problem.
  Jacob knows that something is seriously wrong, but is really too young
to understand -- today.  Sorry for the bad news.
            - Aaron

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