[Coco] Memory Stick and more on CoCo?

Mark Marlette mmarlett at isd.net
Sat May 8 16:05:46 EDT 2004

Well this afternoon at 2:21PM CST my CoCo3 was writing and reading from a 
Sony 32MB memory stick!!! Under HDB-DOS 1.1 on a CoCo3.

At 2:28PM CST I was writing and reading from a Panasonic 128MB SD card! :) 
Same environment.

The adapter will also work with Smart Media and MMC, which I don't have 
right now but see no reason why it wouldn't work.

This stuff is just WAY to fun!!!!! :)

I will have a limited number of interface adapters at the fest. Requires a 
compact flash type 1 socket. Cloud-9 sells just the CF adapter that will 
work on the Glenside with the adapter. The SuperIDE already has a compact 
flash slot so the adapter plugs directly in to it.

Cost for the adapter is $45. If you are coming to the fest let me know and 
I will make sure you get one. If you are not coming and want one, just let 
me know.....

I also picked up a 128MB USB jump drive....That will be more of a project 
but someday..... :)



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