[Coco] NitrOS-9 V03.02.01 Release

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at boisypitre.com
Fri May 7 08:45:45 EDT 2004


NitrOS-9 V03.02.01 has been released and is available on the website at 
www.nitros9.org for download.

What's New
Extra commands were added, and a few bugs were squashed in this 
release, and more and more commonality is being brought between Level 1 
and Level 2 distributions.  Driver names for the same hardware is now 
the same in both Level 1 and Level 2.  Also, driver names are moving 
toward a more OS-9/68K style.  For example, sacia has been renamed to 
sc6551 to reflect that it is (1) an SCF driver, and (2) it is for the 
6551 ACIA chip.  Expect more of these types of changes in future 

This is still an area in the project that is severely lacking.  I have 
not heard from the two people that have stepped up to do the 
documentation... James Dagget and Richard Crilisp (sp?) were last 
working on Basic09 documentation in Word.   The NitrOS-9 User Manual 
and Technical Manual need to be written.

Future Direction
There are still a number of things that I would like to see done with 
NitrOS-9.  For one, splitting GrfInt and WindInt back out as separate 
modules, like it was done originally in OS-9 Level Two.  This would 
save on system RAM for users who don't want to run Multi-Vue/GShell.  
Also, taking the CoCo 3 Hi-Res screen GetStat/SetStat calls out of 
VDGInt and putting them in a separate subroutine module that can be 
called from VDGInt or GrfInt, so that games like KQ3, Koronis Rift, 
etc. can run without needing the 32x16 column support that VDGInt has.


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