[Coco] CoCo Fest

Dave dave at cococentral.org
Sun May 2 15:25:03 EDT 2004

Ok folks, We are getting ready to pack for the Fest next week(yup,
it's that close).

We are selling at this one.  If anyone has a wish list let me know
please.  You may know that I have a vast collection that has grown out
of hand.  I know I can sell it on eBay but I'd rather bring stuff that
people want to buy for cheap prices.

I have lots of oddball stuff:
5.25" floppies - lots of these in packs of 25.
SCSI CD-ROMS - not many of these
drive controllers - a few.
RS-232 PAKs
Direct Connect Modem Packs - some have Marty's RS-232 Mod.
cases for 8.25" drives with supplies
CoCO 2's
Some CoCo 1's
Tandy 1000's
Tandy 3000's
connectors for the CM-8 monitors.
Eductional software on floppies, new in boxes.  I have more of these
than you would think.
small supply of 3.5 720k drives

This list does not touch the surface!  So just ask, I probably have

See you in 12 days,

Dave & Sue

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