[Coco] CCASM for Linux

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Sat Dec 11 13:37:11 EST 2004

At 12:22 PM 12/11/2004, you wrote:
>Works great for me, too.  I get so overwhelmed by IDEs like Visual  C++,
>which seem to shove every possibility in your face all at 
>once.  Like  walking up
>to a Code machine and seeing a 747 instrument panel.  Good old  Emacs and 
>do what I want, when I ask them to.  --Mike K.

If Emacs can be set to do a command like the following, then you should be 
ok.  As you can see, it's basic and simple.

cm sourcefile.asm {-option1 -option2 -option3}

Roger Taylor

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