[Coco] Re: running RSDOS games from hard drive?

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Sat Dec 11 11:10:02 EST 2004

At 12/10/2004 09:01 PM -0600, you wrote:


I did look him up but didn't call. He did say the last time I spoke with 
him that he was burnt out on the CoCo and that he was ready to pursue other 

SuperIDE is getting low in stock. Depending upon what quotes come in. I 
have four orders to do this weekend. Two REALLY overdue, various reasons, 
SB development, manufacturing issues of existing products, etc.

Seems like some are getting CoCo items for Xmas again. Ahhhh the memories. 
I was in Tech. school when I got my first CoCo. My father had one before me 
and I remember going to the mailbox to get the Rainbow.....I still enjoy 
the CoCo almost to that extend. A bit older now.. :)

If you are really interested send me a private Email, I'll send a quote.



>Any luck getting in touch with Jim?  Seems strange that someone so 
>involved in the coco community would up and drop out of sight.
>While I'm thinking about it, I was interested in buying a copy of 
>superdriver and the nitros-9 game pak.  Also thinking about the SuperIDE, 
>is that currently available?
>On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 14:32:48 -0500
>  mmarlett at isd.net wrote:
>>I need to call him. I'm pretty sure I have his number if not I have enough
>>info to track him down. A VERY nice person and is missed in the community!
>>>Nuxie at aol.com wrote:
>>>>Hey do you know how to get ahold of jim davis. if so please give him my
>>>>and ask him to email me. thanks. his name was on some of dads stuff.
>>>Mary,   Jim Davis dropped totally off the map about 18 months ago 
>>>immediately following the Chicago 'Fest.  I had talked to him at the 
>>>fest and sent him a card several weeks after with a picture of his 
>>>setup.  Never got a reply and nobody else could contact him either.  Its 
>>>too bad because, with this resurgence in CoCo games and OS-9 apps, he 
>>>could be doing a good business.
>>>Cheers, Griz
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