[Coco] Moving ROM segments to other locations

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sun Apr 25 21:39:49 EDT 2004

Arthur Flexser wrote:

> Are you sure about it not mattering whether you are in RAM or ROM mode?  
> I would think that in RAM mode, what would be moved is the contents of RAM
> at the relevant address.  Which in a number of cases would be the same
> bytes, since a RAM copy exists in the case of Extended, Color, and Disk
> Basic, so it might be hard to distinguish.  But I think if you try the
> ones involving the internal patcher, you'll see that you need to be in ROM
> mode.
> Art

Looked like it worked to me. I'm thinking that the MMU values are 
latched and the correct block is set when $FFDE/$FFDF is triggered.

I check for RAM/ROM by trying to write $00 into the bytes before reading 
them. If they wipe, I'm in RAM not ROM.

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