[Coco] Superboard discussion: Serial EEPROM

Mark Marlette mmarlett at isd.net
Sat Apr 24 07:37:52 EDT 2004

At 11:36 PM 4/23/2004 -0700, you wrote:


The settings in the serial EPROM will store information like you have 
stated. There will also be documented entry points to the ML routines for 
the end user to call.

Boisy, want to elaborate some more......



>I'd like to know if there are any "standards" in mind for this:
>"Serial EEPROM: 512 bytes of serial EEPROM will be available to both OS-9 and
>BASIC users. This device can be used to store configuration information about
>the system such as RGB or CMP monitor, slow or fast speed, and numerous other
>Whether there are or not, I'd say now is the time to discuss and develop them,
>so that those of us still programming can think about taking advantage of 
>  I wouldn't even be opposed to "re-engineering" some older software to 
> use this
>information, IF we set "standards".
>Of course, the monitor type is a perfect candidate, perhaps add "preferred
>resolution" (for those programs with an option). I was thinking of maybe
>storing some small TSR type ML routines there, like a HiRes joystick routine
>loaded by whatever program needs it. Here's a thought... alarm clock data!
>So, how is this data accessed? What other ideas can we coco-nuts come up with
>for it's use?
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