[Coco] cm-8, the next generation

Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Thu Apr 22 14:17:31 EDT 2004


	Has anybody ever hooked a tre up to a multi-sync to see what
actually happens? I know that if you over drive a multi-sync, the def-
lection circuits start snarling and spewing "colorful metaphors". But
what happens if you under drive them? Vertically everything should be
fine since 60 is within the vertical sync range for a multi-sync.
Horizontally will it not sync or will you just see the left half of
the picture (cauz it just can't scan that slow)?

	This becomes more interesting for an LCD monitor since there
is no "electron beam" to push around. What would control the lower
sync limits? I have an LCD monitor that can be used as a TV. So it
can definitely sync at 15khz.

	Anybody know how to make a cable to interface a tre to a vga
style multi-sync?

	FYI:  The service manual lists the horizontal resolution as
480 dots.


P.S.:	I am thinking of going after Radio Shack over this monitor
	dieing (sp?) because of the deflection coil. It really "burns
	me up".

	I have alot of Radio Shack stuff. Most of it still works.

	I have a model 41 VCR that is nearly 20 years old (I suspect
	it was made by the same people that made the cm-8). It has
	been used extensively. Still going. I've already had to
	repair the Mitsubishi HSU-770 SVHS that I bought to replace
	it (based on how the 770 is built I am fearful of driving
	near Mitsubishi cars).

	I have an Realistic SCT-30 3-head cassette deck that is
	over 20 years old. The belts need replacing but it still

	They chose a bad product to produce as a piece of crap
	because it is not easily replaceable (I can still get a
	VHS VCR and a cassette deck). I believe that one way to
	discourage companies from producing crap is to beat the
	crap out of them when they do.

	I must concede that this monitor has been used fairly
	solidly. Should I just let it go?

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