[Coco] -- Is this a scam?

Dave Kelly daveekelly at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 18 00:25:08 EDT 2004

KnudsenMJ at aol.com wrote:

> Interesting that the Post Office is catching on to such UPS innovations as 
> online printing of mailing labels, tracking numbers (!) and the equivalent of 
> postage.   For anything but large packages, I still prefer my friendly local 
> Post Office where the clerks advise you as to what to do.  But yes, I have now 
> shipped three large packages (vintage Ham Radio gear) via UPS, using their Web 
> site with self-printing labels, complete with bar code.

All our raw materials come in via UPS. The driver is like part of the 
neighborhood. He knows all the gossip and how all the people and kids 
are doing and is a source of current news. We see him at least once 
during the week and daily during the faire season.

All the internet mail orders go out thru the post office in Magnolia. 
There the clerks are like family. They keep us up on the news south of home.

UPS services us out of Conroe.
USPS services us out of Plantersville.
We mail everything out of Magnolia.

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