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Kevin Diggs kevdig at hypersurf.com
Mon Apr 12 15:04:02 EDT 2004


	Would it help if I added a JPEG of the relevant section of the


Kevin Diggs wrote:
> Hi,
>         In todays epsiode, our hero , realizing that replacing the vertical
> output
> thingy (aka ix-0238ce, aka upc1378h) had no effect, searches for
> information on
> whether the defection coil is bad. In desperation he turns to the great
> and wise
> coco mailing list oracle:
>         How do I tell if the deflection coils of my cm-8 are bad? Would the dc
> resistance tell this? Anyone know where to get the correct value? I have
> the dc
> voltage of one side of the coil but not the other (from the service
> manual, value
> is correct). Would putting garlic, wolf's bane, or eye of newt around
> the picture
> tube neck help?
>                                         kevin
> P.S.:   In the off chance that some cm-8 owning adventurer decides to open
> his cm-8
>         and make mesurements - please, please do not electrocute thy self!!!
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