[Coco] OT: Stax Win!!

x0remery at dsbmail.itg.ti.com x0remery at dsbmail.itg.ti.com
Mon Apr 12 01:53:56 EDT 2004

> In a message dated 4/11/04 2:26:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> jimcox at miba51.com writes:
>> But the 6X09 is an even better chip :)

Yeah, but how do they taste?
(ducking to avoid the snare drum hurtling towards my head)

I was thinking it's a bit odd that so many of us have had Stax vs. Pringles on
the mind lately...
I've just finished a can of pringles and trying Stax for the first time
myself... not bad, but
gimme plain old-fashioned Lay's any day.


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