[Coco] [Color Computer] Looking for info on the game "Sceptre of ???"

winwolf3d winwolf3d at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 13:32:49 EDT 2004

  I have this game but it's at my parent's house on a casette in a box
buried somewhere in their attic.  I don't remember the full name, but
it was "Sceptre of (I forget)".  The title screen drew the title and a
rainbow (maybe it was published in Rainbow?) and played a short theme
  I remember enjoying it when I was younger.  The top portion of your
screen showed your inventory, I believe.  How many swords, maces, gold
pieces you had, etc.  The bottom portion was an overhead view of the
level.  The object was to navigate from the left side to the exit on
the right side while defeating the various monsters that would
randomly appear beside you.  You could also open treasure chests which
could have weapons, gold, monsters, poisonous gas, or a trap door to
the previous level.  It was written in BASIC and is pretty much a
smaller version of Rogue.
  Does anyone else remember this game?  Does anyone else have it?  If
so, is it possible/legal for me to get a copy of the game somehow?

I would get this myself, but I live a good distance from my parents
and it would take me awhile to describe what needs to be done to my
parents and what to find, etc.  I'm hoping that someone else has this
more readily available than I do.  I've searched many times for even a
simple listing of this, but haven't found it anywhere.

Any information would be helpful.  
Thank you,

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