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Dave Poitras dave at cococentral.org
Fri Apr 9 04:17:36 EDT 2004

I fully agree with Tony.  I made that mistake at the '98 PennFest.  We
stayed at the Ho-Jo's and it was a pain in the butt!  We missed a lot of
good things because of that.  That was our first Fest since the Rainbow
Fests in NJ.  Staying on site Sue can hop on the elevator to the room and
rest whenever she wants to.  This way I can take the goods to the room and
play :-)


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From: "John A Podraza"

> this location is at least 20 minutes if not 35 away from the FEST
> location.  There is a super 8 within 5 minutes, if pricing is a concern,
> but you also end up carting stuff  and yourself off property and the time
> away from the area to get that one piece of stuph that you wanted help
> with really bites.

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