[Coco] Glenside IDE Boards price reduced and for sale at the show.

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Tue Apr 6 01:23:40 EDT 2004

Actually KAOS is self contained and does not rely on the ROM. The DSKCON
and full RS-DOS file i/o system is all within KAOS and is mostly a
disassembled and highly modified version of RS-DOS 1.1.

I'm just kind interested in creating an ATAPI driver and a ROM to boot
OS-9 or other goodies from CD-ROM :D

On 4/3/2004, "Mark Marlette" <mmarlett at isd.net> wrote:

>At 11:07 PM 4/3/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm a hardware guy but as long as you call the DSKCON entry points then you
>don't have to have it as part of KAOS. HDB-DOS resides in the address range
>of the cartridge port of $c000 and up, stop point is determined if it is a
>CC3 or CC1/2. $FFDF=$CC3 and $FFEF for a CC1/2. So that places it in a ROM
>pack, like the floppy controller or in the case of SuperIDE it is in the
>FLASH bank that you have programmed. You select 1 of 4 banks via a hardware
>switch or a software register.
>Unless I'm missing something???
>>On 4/3/2004, "Mark Marlette" <mmarlett at isd.net> wrote:
>> >HDB-DOS 1.1 supports the Glenside and SuperIDE Interfaces. In IDE mode
>> >support for CHS and LBA modes, master and slave. No EPROM required for the
>> >SuperIDE. Utilities come with the device to allow you to FLASH your own
>> >programs into any of the four available ROM cartridge areas. Takes about
>> >12seconds off the floppy, much faster off the hard drive.
>>Any change of getting the drivers into KAOS? It's already RS-DOS
>>compatible would be a matter of swapping the dskcon routines and making
>>an extra drive select table. Iv'e written IDE ATAPI drivers for OS-9000
>>but that was in C - not like there's really a whole lot to writing an
>>IDE driver though.
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