[Coco] Glenside IDE Boards price reduced and for sale at the show.

Mark Marlette mmarlett at isd.net
Sat Apr 3 12:27:33 EST 2004

At 11:33 AM 4/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:


HDB-DOS 1.1 supports the Glenside and SuperIDE Interfaces. In IDE mode 
support for CHS and LBA modes, master and slave. No EPROM required for the 
SuperIDE. Utilities come with the device to allow you to FLASH your own 
programs into any of the four available ROM cartridge areas. Takes about 
12seconds off the floppy, much faster off the hard drive.



>On 1-Apr-04, at 10:55 PM, Brian Goers wrote:
>>The Glenside Club is reducing the cost of the IDE boards to $40.00 and 
>>$5.00 for the shipping. That is for one board, manual and software.
>I'm interested, but what support is there for HDB-DOS? Would I need to get 
>an EPROM from Cloud-9 to use it with RS-DOS-alikes?
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