[Coco] BIN music files and karaoke?

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The music BIN files were created using George Quellhorst's great MUSIC3+ 
program. It was described in the April 1991 RAINBOW magazine, in an article by 
George Quellhorst entitled "Resounding CoCo". It represented a major upgrade of 
an older program called MUSIC+. "The MUSIC3+ program uses HSCREEN4 to place 
real notes on the screen, not letters or numbers, and it has a 17 column window 
allowing 68 notes to be displayed on the screen simultaneously", the 
introductory description says. The program itself was included on RAINBOW ON TAPE and 
RAINBOW ON DISK. Each note is entered (up to four notes in each space) one at a 
time. It sounds laborious but really wasn't too bad. George Quellhorst also 
wrote a PLAYER program, which reads a disk's directory and displays the music 
(BIN) files on the screen. By moving the cursor, using the arrow keys, you 
select the tune you want to play. ENTER plays that tune or F1 plays all the tunes 
or F2 plays all the tunes after the cursor. After I got the program I entered a 
considerable number of tunes and filled up several disks. Since many of the 
tunes are usually associated with words, I wrote a program to display words 
while playing the tunes. My early attempts required a separate BASIC program for 
each song. I used my Typaline 80 BASIC word processor (any word processor that 
can save a TXT file will work o.k.) to type and save TEXT files, which I 
saved with the same names as the music files, on the same disk. My final effort 
was SONGBOOK, which uses a directory display much like George Quellhorst's 
PLAYER program. When you move the cursor, using arrow keys, to select a tune, and 
press P (for Play), the music BIN file LOADMs and the TEXT file of the same 
name is LOADed and is displayed on the screen, one verse at a time, and the music 
plays again for each verse. It works fine and it remains the most satisfying 
BASIC program I ever wrote. Dave Otis.
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