[Coco] Updates.....

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Sat Apr 3 09:52:05 EST 2004

I'm going to be making a few updates to the archive site this weekend.
I'll be posting a new version of the KAOS distribution that will
include a working makefile and targets for creating an 8k ROM file as
well as an RS-DOS loadable .bin file.

In other news, I've decided to try getting this demo finished for the
ChicagoFest (which I *MIGHT* be attending). The demo is of a very
popular game from the 80's and early 90's. There are however a few
things about the demo...

1. I'm not changing the name. Since it's a demo why bother :D
2. It may require 1mb or more. I'm going to try and get it running in
512k but it'll be tight.
3. It may require a speech and sound cart for sound and music....it's
just that CPU intensive. Sound might not even work by the fest.
4. At present the graphics look FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
5. It may require a 6309 which may need to run at a full 2mhz instead

Unfortunately I'm without a CoCo at the moment (it's DOA) and am
working with MESS which is ok for most of what needs to be done. However
there are a couple of features that I would really love to get added to
the demo. One piece of code that's not working and may have been broken
when I archived everything up is the horizontal sync firq handler. This
is for a split screen mode that I most definitely want to get added.
I'll be running some tests to see if it's MESS or my code that's
goofy but if anyone has code for running a hsync firq handler let me


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