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Fri Oct 31 15:16:00 EST 2003


My programming skills in C are beginers level at best. I am better suited for 
assembly especially with Motorola's processors. I can write small modules in 
assembly and start to refresh and improve my skills in C/C++. My interests would be 
more in seeing code that could be used on both the Coco emulator and the Coco3 
itself using OS9. I can help out some in the math area. I have MSWord and can 
genereate PDF files and do documentation also.

Floating point should at least cover double precision. 

Math functions should also include the basic trig funtions. 
	sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine, and arctangent.  

These all have to be approxiamted by power series. There are some routines that I 
have for the HC11 that could be ported ot the 6809/6309. 

I wished the 6809 had a DIV instruction!!!! Some base code to implement what the 
HC11 FDIV and IDIV instructions would be nice. Then you have 16 bit by 16 bit 

What platforms are you developing gcc-coco on? WIN32 or Linux? 

james daggett

On 31 Oct 2003 at 13:21, James Dessart wrote:

> If anyone would like to join the gcc-coco project, that'd be great! 
> In order to do this, join up to http://sourceforge.net/, then tell me
> your sourceforge ID.  If you plan on contributing code, or
> documentation, I'll add you as a developer.
> Here are tasks that are open for participation:
>  - adding RS-DOS BIN support directly to linker
>  - OS-9 libc support
>  - finishing RS-DOS libc support
>  - raw libc support (that doesn't rely on BASIC ROM routines)
>    - disk IO (biggest challenge, I think)
>    - good keyboard IO
>    - 32/40/80 column text support
>    - NOTE: this would essentially be a small OS,
>            but would open up more of the 64k RAM space
>  - CoCo-specific libraries (gfx, etc)
>  - improving user experience
>    - making a full source distribution (ready to compile tarball) -
>    making binaries (linux-x86, osx-ppc, etc)
>  - direct to DSK support (for emulators)
>  - full floating point support
>  - DP register support
> So if anyone wants to help with any of those, be my guest! :)  Some
> are lo priority for me, and probably others, like the DSK support in
> the linker. Others might be essential.  I particularly like the raw
> libc support, as side-stepping BASIC entirely would be nice.  This is
> actually the main holdup for Contiki at the moment being ported to the
> CoCo.  It's too big to fit in the cramped RAM space left with the ROMs
> in place, and would be best served with lowercase (on the CoCo 2)
> support.
> A first build of Contiki would be nice, without network support for
> now. I'll be working on network support myself, so if someone else
> could take it on from the other end, that'd be great!
> Thanks,
> James
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