[Coco] C++ or C cross compilers?

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Mon Oct 27 23:50:01 EST 2003

At 10:56 PM 10/27/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Bill Cousert wrote:
>>Does anyone know if there are any C++ or C cross compilers for Win32
>>that will produce relocatable code?
>The only cross compiler that I am aware of is the GCC one that another 
>frequent poster of this or the old list has mentioned.
>I have no idea if it generates relocatable 6809 code.
>Unfortunately my bookmark file was one of the casulties of having a poor 
>personal system backup strategy added to the failure of my system disk 
>earlier this month.

The CoCo GCC project thing sounds nice but from what I gather, it's not a 
grab-it-and-go system.  I backed away when I visited the web site and 
noticed all the instructions telling me to go here and download this, go 
there and download that, so I felt like I was actually building the 
compiler myself.

There are a LOT of free assemblers and compilers on the web.  The trick is 
they are hard to find.  I have some bookmarks I will try to remember to 
post here for cross-assemblers.  The problem with what I have found is that 
NONE of them were EDTASM-friendly.  Most CoCo users grew up on EDTASM, and 
most of our stashed software and projects are in that format.  Forcing us 
to convert everything is a waste of time and hardly worth it.  That's why I 
created CCASM, and I'm still updating it, so that PC/CoCo users/developers 
can have the tools they need to keep writing CoCo software the way they are 
familiar with, or at least, very close.

The other problem is finding a C compiler that produces 
EDTASM-friendly/compatible source code.  Your compiler obviously has to 
match your assembler's syntax.

As I said, I'll be looking for such a C compiler, not to distribute, but to 
see if it's compatible so it can be integrated into the CoCo IDE by the 
programmer.  CCASM can catch the output, assemble it, throw it on a virtual 
disk, and M.E.S.S. will be singin' Dixie before you knew what happened.  :)

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