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>> I believe someone out there has built their own version of
>>  the MPI with 7 slots.  Can anyone clarify this?  Is it a
>>  homebrew system or did someone once build a 7 slot MPI.

Guilty.  It was a homebrew.

A 40 conductor ribbon cable soldered to the slot 4.  Ribbon connectors
crimped on it.  The ones from Radio Shack required cutting an outside groove
on them.

An extra set of wires with clips was run for the ground connections.

I was intending on mounting it on a copper clad circuit board for a
ground plane shield, but never did.

I used reusable cable ties to bundle the carts together, and with a
card in slot 4 of the multipak, the whole mess was invisible from the

The X-PAD does not use an addressed slot, and I think that the speech/sound
pack is the same way, and possibly the orchestra 90 pack.  But I really do not

>>  Any thoughts, comments, or interested parties?  I shelved
>>  any idea of the HAM project due to restrictions on
>>  antennas where I live.
> Antenna restrictions really stink, and the ARR. can help you fight
> them.  But since you're not already actively hamming, probalby not
> worth the bother.

Much can be done with nearly invisible antennas, and your local Amateur Radio
oerators can be of help.

A lot depends on if you are renting or owning.

A homeowners' association can pass some restrictions, but local ordinances
can only ban unsafe setups.  By definition, Amateur Radio is licensed
as a Public Service, so Amateur Radio antennas or equipment can not be
banned as a public nuisance.

I saw one condo where the "no antenna" people were very annoyed at how
the ham bypassed their restrictions, and there was nothing they could do
about it.

He convinced the owner of an ajacent property to let him put up a free
standing, "no guy wires" tower, right at the edge of the property.

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