[Coco] MPI thoughts and questions?

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Mon Oct 27 13:38:00 EST 2003

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jimcox at miba51.com writes:

> I believe someone out there has built their own version of 
>  the MPI with 7 slots.  Can anyone clarify this?  Is it a 
>  homebrew system or did someone once build a 7 slot MPI.

Way back in the Rainbow Fest days, there was a commercial "Six Pak" with 6 
slots.  It was built of flimsy, thin plastic, used an external wall-wart power 
supply, and got hotter than Hades.  Didn't sell well.

Later Chris Hawkes of HawkSoft sold a 3-slot Pak, much better built, but 
those of us who've long since filled up or 4 MPI slots wanted more, not fewer 

>  I know that the sound cartridge has a very old PIC 
>  processor in it. Does anyone else know of any other 
>  cartridges that have processors in them?  

Speech Systems' EARS Pak must have one.
Interestingly, PIC chips are still used today in MIDI interface cards.  
Wonder how much investment in HW and SW you need to program your own PIC?
>  In both cases, the Coco would act more like a terminal and 
>  the other processors would do most of the work.

The Coco should be the administrator, or coordinator, delegating the real 
work to the outside processors.  I think that's what you meant.
>  Any thoughts, comments, or interested parties?  I shelved 
>  any idea of the HAM project due to restrictions on 
>  antennas where I live.

Antenna restrictions really stink, and the ARR. can help you fight them.  But 
since you're not already actively hamming, probalby not worth the bother.
--Mike K.  AA1UK

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