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Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Sun Oct 26 01:48:00 EDT 2003


> Doesn't seem to want to work with Free Agent(FA)

I just tried it using FA 1.8. It worked.

Agent started and the test group was selected. Just like OE.

At that point you have to "Subscribe" to the group in both OE and FA.


1. You must have FA set as your Newsgroups: program. If Agent starts when
you click on the News: // ... then you do have FA setup as your Newsgroup

2. FA does have the additional requirement that FA comes up with the correct
FA news server data set. It will NOT create one like OE does. But then you
have to supply the necessary account data for each NewsGroup before getting
News anyway.


I use Agent to get / update the list of groups. A different data set is
needed for each News Server.

So I have 2-3, one for Earthlink, one for Microsoft and maybe one for Gmane.
I plan someday to check what other groups are on gmane

Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1 at mindspring.com>

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> Doesn't seem to want to work with Free Agent(FA)

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