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Fri Oct 24 11:54:00 EDT 2003


I have some assembly code that I plan to write in the near future. 
Actually was dusting off my old COCO3 and disk drives and load up 
the OS9 development system. Actuallythe whole project will be a 
mix of C and assembly. Some of the timing critical routines are 
going to be done in assembly. Top level in C. 


On 24 Oct 2003 at 0:37, Roger Taylor wrote:

> I believe it was sometime last year when I brought up an idea or a
> dream I had where the CoCo programmer could do everything from one
> program, an integrated development environment they call it, from A to
> Z or most of it, anyway.  One idea was to provide a graphical
> environment that looks exactly like a real CoCo system on your PC
> screen.  Although that part of it is more of an emulation issue, the
> other idea is coming true.  Whether you're emulating a CoCo or not,
> your built software is ready to run on ANY CoCo.  The builds are super
> fast, spitting out a virtual floppy or a ROM for you in a second or
> two.
> The workname is Portal-9.  This IDE for Windows has been in
> development for about 4 days now and is moving closer to my goal
> rather quickly.  I'm putting almost every resource I have for Windows
> development, and the HLA language, into this system.  It is starting
> to look like most typical IDEs except since CCASM is the only
> assembler allowed, it will integrate that part in automatically. 
> Since M.E.S.S. is the only emulator supported, the IDE will work with
> it allowing you to go from source to running with no interruptions
> inbetween.
> The best way I can explain this work of art is to provide a demo when
> the time is right and let it speak for itself.
> So I ask: are there any CoCo/6809/6309 assembly language programmers
> still around?  :)
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