[Coco] Looking for MM/1

David Hazelton davehazelton at access-4-free.com
Fri Oct 24 00:14:01 EDT 2003

KnudsenMJ at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 10/23/03 3:33:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> Brian.Kitt at i-structure.com writes:
>>I don't have much cool stuff, but I plan to begin writing code on it again.
>> I used to write code on it many years ago, and got away from it.  I want to
>> get back into it.  If you have an MM/1, let me know we can chat.
> I for one would welcome some MM/1 chatter on this List.  I don't do much SW 
> development on mine anymore, since porting UltiMusE to Linux, but sometimes 
> back-port a new feature or bug fix.  If you want to do music on the MM/1, ask me 
> for a free download.
> My MM/1 is original 68070, has the second board with the cool features, 3M 
> RAM plus an 8M RAM expansion backplane that I've never ginned up the nerve to 
> try putting in.  The floppy disk will read 720K and 1.44M, but will write and 
> format only 720K.  It used to do the high-density stuff just fine, but something 
> in there got tired and can't be fixed.
>   --Mike K.

I have a AT306 (the MM/1B as it was called).  I really wish it was more 
like the MM/1.  The AT306 should have had the the same software as the 
MM/1, such as the Desktop GUI.  MGR was too slow and has nothing ported 
to it.
While I'm on the subject, the CD-Rom had to be SCSI, but it had a IDE 
bus for the hard drive, the SCSI bus had to come from a add-on SCSI 
card.  I could not get both a CD ROM and a SCSI drive to work, I did get 
the IDE hard drive and the SCSI CD ROM to work.  Now that we have IDE on 
Coco, maybe some of the techniques learned could be applied to AT306 to 
better implement IDE.
Also the AT306 had a place for a PS2 mouse that was never implemented, 
would love to have that last serial port back that the mouse is using.
Oh while I dream, Ethernet that would be good also....an ISA based card 
and ISP 1.4 or the softstack package.

Would love to get my MM/1B useful again.

~David Hazelton

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