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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Oct 21 02:54:00 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 21 October 2003 02:24, Bill Cousert wrote:
>Roger Taylor <rtaylor at bayou.com> wrote: At 08:13 PM 10/20/2003 -0700, 
you wrote:
>>Bob Emery, age 37, living in North Texas
>>Got my first computer, a 32k Extended Basic F-board for Christmas
>> of 1982, glad to discover it already had 64K! Couldn't afford a
>> disk drive for about two years. Finally got a 300 baud modem in
>> '85 and quickly ran up a $600 Compuserve bill... DOH! Got a CoCo3
>> around '87.
>I remember being tickled pink when I upgraded to 64k,
>I remember upgrading from 4k to 16k and thinking I had a lot of
> memory.I upgraded to 64k a year later and thought I had a monster.
> Today, 512 megs seems so puny....

Humm, dunno 'bout that.  Thats whats in this machine and it gets into 
swap maybe 20k worth if its up for several weeks.  I have only 320 in 
the firewall, and it hits the swap in about a day & may have 30-50 
megs in it at reboot time a couple of times a year when I get antsy 
and feel the need for a new kernel.  But lately its been feeling 
awfully slow, its only a 500mhz k6.

I figure I'll build one more system before I fall over, and I'm 
waiting till the Opterons come down out of the clouds, aka the Athlon 
64's.  I was checking at tcwo earlier today, and a cheap mobo & 
slower cpu will still setchya back around 800 bucks.  I'll probably 
do it when I can do it for 250-300 bucks, so thats at least a year on 
down the log.

But now I have an instant problem.  I came home, downloaded and 
installed all the updated packages for the period I was gone, and now 
the only thing I can print correctly is the cups test page.  Mozilla 
1.5 and kmail 1.52 are both printing light grey, full bleed sheets of 
paper instead of what you sent, even for pure text.  This is RH-8.0, 
with kde-3.1.1a (super nice).  Booted Kernel is 2.4.22-rc2, and all 
this worked before I left 2 months ago.

I do much of my bill-paying online, and I like to print the bank 
statements for my records when I'm done, so this is a bummer.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Cheers, Gene
AMD K6-III at 500mhz 320M
Athlon1600XP at 1400mhz  512M
99.27% setiathome rank, not too shabby for a WV hillbilly
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