[Coco] [Color Computer] RS-DOS C Compiler anywhere??

Willard Goosey goosey at virgo.sdc.org
Fri Oct 17 02:48:00 EDT 2003

>From: "Pedro F. Giffuni" <giffunip at yahoo.com>
>Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 18:23:47 -0000

>I'm wondering if such a product/project ever existed. I know there 
>are K&R C and Pascal compilers for OS-9 but I would like compilers 
>for RSDOS. Anyone knows if the exist and where to find them?

I remember a RAINBOW ad for such a critter, but I don't have it and as
far as I know it hasn't turned up as a .dsk anywhere.

I do have .dsks for the DEFT Pascal compiler, which runs under DECB.
I was promised docs and maybe even source from one th the authors, but
haven't heard anything since.
>   Pedro.

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