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> Paul Taylor Barton. My gggma was a McKinney, so
>  that makes me Scottish.
>  Age: $3A

Gotcha beat, just barely by one stroke -- I'm $3B.

>  64megabyte upgrade and
>          direct boot to IDE skipping the floppies.
>  ------  Would love to write any multi-megabyte
>  handling software
>  ------  to be able to use this massive amount of
>  local memory.

Watch for my release of source for the UltiMusE virtual memory system.
How does your BASIC or OS-9 intend to address all that RAM space?

>  Other Stuff:
>          Make chainmaille, Scottish Targe's,
>  Scottish Sporrans, BEAM robots.

I like Scotch whiskey, steam engines, bagpipe music, and have been learning 
their infernal game with the efficiency-obsessed scoring (everyone scores the 
same number ($12) of goals, the winner has done it with the least amount of 
work, defined as ball hits).

>          Occasionally work for MacNaughton
>          (NuVision3D) doung stereoscopic glasses
>          upgrades, etc. I used to work there and  helped develop the 3DSpex 
>          gamer glasses, along with the wireless  ones.

I still have my Vectrex 3D goggles with the spinning color disks.

>  Music:  Make and play Mountain Dulcimers. (pix on
>  wwdb site)
>          Play baritone ukelele (tuned to the four
>  top strings on a guitar).

Good stuff.  I rebuilt a MD and sort of learned to play it.  Play uke and 
guitar too.

>          Beginning to play the bagpipe practice  chanter.
>            No, I don't have any pipes yet, but I am looking.

Be sure to include new living quarters and new girlfriend in search :-)  :-)
I've come *this* close to getting a chanter.

>  Garage Condition: Don't ask.

For many years, there was no room for a car in mine.  For a while, I couldn't 
walk from the front garage door to the back door.  Now have a three "car" 
  -- Best wishes, Mike K.  

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