[Coco] Bio

Vern Burke vburke at skow.net
Tue Oct 14 10:36:00 EDT 2003

Ok, I guess I should throw my own two cents in here now :).

Vern Burke, Skowhegan ME
38, single, available ;)

Got my first gray CoCo in 1981, stepped up to a 2 and then a 3,
B&B hard drive set up (Tandon 602S which I still have stashed :))

Currently have 3 CoCo 3's, one equipped with Cloud9's excellent
SCSI controller and a pair of Syquest 1.5GB removable cartridge
drives and OS9.

My claim to "fame" :) is having written a GUI application to control a
Vitronics 722 infrared reflow oven with a CC3 and OS9.

I havn't had as  much time to mess with the old CC3 any more as I currently
rescue and restore vintage telephone switching equipment (some as a hobby,
some that actually gets used in my CLEC/ISP business). I expect the arrival
of the SuperBoard will get me back into the swing :).


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