[Coco] EBay Auctions

James Goff james at churchpage.us
Tue Oct 28 18:42:00 EST 2003

Thank you all that replied to my question about posting etiquette.  Here
is my first, of what will be several batches of EBay Color Computer

Thanks for your time,


*Coco Max I, II, III and Max-10 Bundle
Here is your chance to pick up the greatest graphics and word processing
package created for the Tandy Color Computer III!

   1. Coco Max I disk, manual and hires adaptor
   2. Coco Max II Disk and manual
   3. Coco Max III Disk, manual and hires adaptor
   4. Max Fonts 1,2,3,4 disks (disk 3 has some sector errors)
   5. Max-10 Word Processor with clicker and manual(dictionary disk has
      bad sectors
   6. Max-10 Font Disks 1,2
   7. Max X-pad, Max Edit and Max Patch disks (allow coco max 2 to run
      on coco III with X-pad or hires adaptor


*Coco Deskmate 3
*Great starter program for a Tandy Color Computer 3. Includes simple
word processor, spreadsheet, database and more! No serious Coco
collection should be without this piece of software.

*Home Publisher
Simple desktop publisher program for a Tandy Color Computer 3. Although
not as powerful as Max-10 and CocoMax3, Home Publisher is a good
beginner's publisher program for your Radio Shack coco collection.

*Kings Quest III
*Sierra's 3-D animated adventure game for Tandy Color Computer III.
Don't let your Radio Shack Coco collection be incomplete.

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