[Coco] Re: CoCo List/Newsgroup Information

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Sat Oct 25 18:36:00 EDT 2003


Just a minor enhancement:


If you include the above line then clicking on it will setup the newsgroup
in Outlook Express and I believe in other News clients.

Makes for just a little less work.

Many people may have trouble adding the news group and this makes it much

Note: Normal use of OE requires you to download a huge number of groups on

This slows down all of OE a lot.

I maintain the list of newsgroups outside of OE (AGENT) and maintain my
current newsgroups as lines similar to the above for quick restart when

OE works much better with out a huge FOLDERS file.


Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1 at mindspring.com>

"Dennis Bathory-Kitsz" <bathory at bathory.org> wrote in message
news:30f7173da14ceb486cf70f6869baee29 at news.onlynews.com...

> Hi all CoCo enthusiasts,
> This is a weekly posting to bit.listserv.coco and the CoCo princeton.edu
> mailing list.
> The mail-to-news gateway from maltedmedia is working through this free
> news server:
> news.gmane.org
> The newsgroups is:
> gmane.comp.hardware.tandy.coco
> Postings to this newsgroups are automatically spam-checked. Email
> addresses on this group are also encrypted, so private email may only be
> sent by subscribers and email addresses will not be harvested.

Are they not still in the header prefixed by:

X-Reply-To: ------------------ at ----------------

Actually this is not too bad as those on the mailing list can find the
address if they wish to respond privately.

This line appears to NOT be included in the copy sent to gmane.

So it not too bad at all.

> Addresses must be valid & verified either to post in the newsgroups or to
> the lists (please avoid blocked names such as anon, anonymous, and
> nobody). You will also receive a monthly reminder from maltedmedia with
> unsubscribe information.
> Certainly I regret the need to moderate a list membership, but for now
> it appears necessary for those (like me) swamped by spam and mini-DOS
> attacks. We also remain sad to have been forced to leave, due to spam,
> the faithful bit.listserv.coco newsgroups and the princeton server.
> Onward!

How about a diagram showing the interconnections of the mailing list and the
filters applied as messages pass between them.

Oh never mind, that would require graphics and HTML which is forbidden on
this list.


In place of just ignoring, how about a reply indicating where they can post
CoCo questions and thus gain membership by showing their CoCo knowledge.

> Dennis

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