[Coco] Dragons

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Wed Oct 22 16:06:00 EDT 2003

I played around with the Dragon ROMs for M.E.S.S. and noticed it's a lot 
like a real CoCo.  'Course, I never was a Dragon user so it's new to me.

I wanted to mention that I added the Dragon32 and Dragon64 options to my 
new IDE's emulator preferences.  That is, you can choose to go into 
M.E.S.S. emulating a CoCo 1, CoCo 2, CoCo 2B, CoCo 3, CoCo 3H, Dragon32, 
Dragon64... since they are all 6809 or 6309 machines.  I thought it would 
be nice to allow the clones.

As long as a user has M.E.S.S. installed and the right ROMs for the systems 
in my IDE's list, any of those can be booted into directly with your 
assembled software mounted as a ROM or virtual floppy disk, etc.  No 
disclaimer or game info screens, just straight to the CoCo.  :)

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