[ From Butch Ross ] Local Shows this week, QuaranTUNE classes still available and more!

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Tue Jan 25 16:49:02 EST 2022

Cherry Street Tavern
w/Shawnessy Cargile.
719 Cherry St.
Chattanooga, TN
Family Friendly/No Cover

Registration for QuaranTUNE 6.0 closes.
Still seats left for all workshops.

Last time I wrote you all, I had said that I'd be telling you all about my
gig with my friend Shawnessey Cargile.
Well, the next day I got Covid. And well it was nothing worse than a bad
cold, it did come with a side order of bronchitis and was enough to keep me
bedridden for a few days. I'm okay now, but weird, linger-y things are
still happening

So I am re-writing to re-tell you that I am again playing with
Shawnessey at the Cherry St. Pub again this Thursday from 6 to 8pm. We're
gonna swap some songs, then Imma back him up on some stuff and then try a
bunch of new stuff on my own set. It's a fun chance to get that rarity in
life: A proper do-over.

Then Saturday closes out registration for QuaranTUNE 6.0 and like I usually
do, I'll be teaching 4 brand new workshops, they are again....

1. 5’ 2” Eyes of Blue (intermediate) -
Technically called "has anybody seen my girl?" There's a bunch of crazy
stuff to be learned from this fun, not-to-difficult tune. Like: playing in
C while tuned DAdd; The theory behind chord substitutions; How to swing;
Reverse slant chords and even if you don't retain any of that stuff. It's
still a fun tune to play. 1+ fret required.

2. Get Off On The Wrong Foot (absolute beginner) - A
non-traditional approach to traditional dulcimer. A great way to get
started, or to supplement what you already know. Due to copyright stuff we
won't be learning "Louie Louie" like in the video I posted, but we may very
well be learning three chords that go dunt dunt dunt DUH DA dunt dunt dunt.

3. The Roots of the Roots of Rock-n-Roll (novice) - Learn some great tunes
that were the basis of early rock-n-roll.

4. Playing In One Key While Tuned To Another (upper intermediate) -
Learn to play in one key while tuned or capo'd to another, more
importantly, learn WHY you would want to (hint: cool notes you can't get
anywhere else) . 1+ fret and capo required.

Personally I've been super busy with music stuff, just not my own. I've
been producing and helping a lot of Chattanooga songwriters make the best
work they can make. I'll tell you more about that later, and I'll be
posting some of it for my patrons on Patreon. (You're on Patreon already
right?) But for now. If you're local, come see me Thursday or sign up for a
class. One way or another I'll...

C-ya out there.


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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