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Sat May 1 11:36:56 EDT 2021

Happy May Day everybody!!!
Lemme give you these in chronological order.

*Quarantine 4.0 (June 3-6)* registration opens TOMORROW! @4PM EST $10 per
This series may have actually changed how we do dulcimer festivals forever
but in a good way. I'm excited and honored to be a part of it, I'll talk
about what I'm teaching below.

*The Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival, AKA "Glen Rose" **May 7-9 *(technically
free, but they say bring money)
I've been fully vaccinated, they're sick of being locked in the house so
why not?

*Central Ohio Virtual Online Festival. Saturday, May 22*
A one-day event with virtual music performances happening all day. I'm
teaching 2 workshops.
$15 for the day. $25 for families.

Don't let me bury the lede! Registration for QuaranTUNE 4.0 is TOMORROW.
This thing continues to grow and just goes from strength to strength. There
are more teachers than ever, more instruments than ever, more choices than
ever. I know I'm always saying "guys this one is gonna be huge" but guys
this one already IS huge. It's gonna be great! Here's what I'm teaching...


   1. Oh, Shenandoah - I long to play thee. Advanced Beginner
   2. Throw A Wrench In There! Variations and cool stuff - intermediate
   3. Great Tunes (Almost) Nobody Plays - intermediate
   4. The Cumberland Gap: A study in variations and embellishments -
   5. The Songs of Tom Lehrer - Intermediate/Advanced and up
   6. Let There Be Peace On Earth - Advanced (We're playing in the key of
   C! 1.5 fret required)


   1. YOU can play the UKE! - Beginner
   2. Intro to Chord Melody playing - Intermediate
   3. Blues for the Ukulele - Intermediate
   4. Intro to Fingerpicking - Intermediate <---I strongly recommend that
   you take this one if you're going to take "Chord Melody"

Next I'm going to be in Glen Rose Texas, in person, like on a plane and
everything. To do my first in-person festival since March 1 of 2020. It's
outside, I've been fully vaccinated so why not? If you're fully vaxxed then
you should go too. This festival is easily the easiest-going festival I've
ever been involved in. I suspect that I may want to do it every year. :-)

Finally, my old friend the Central Ohio Folk Festival is happening
virtually this year. Tho' it's down to one day, you're getting the usual of
instruction opportunities on multiple instruments, events for kids, and
constant music all day long. I won't be performing but I will be teaching
two workshops: Shenandoah and Songs of the 70s. $15 gets you into the
festival and $25 is the family rate (which if I remember right means across
multiple devices).

We're slowly coming out of the year that never happened, and I have to say
I've been busier than ever (which is why you haven't heard much from me).
But it's all been good stuff, really good stuff. Hope you can make one or
more of these events. And if you're in TX I look forward to seeing,
actually seeing you again.

C-ya in here (or out there)


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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