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Fri Mar 20 19:43:10 EDT 2020


So bandcamp (where I host my albums for download) is waiving their fees
(which aren't that egregious anyway) if you buy tracks and albums.
Unfortunately, I just found out it's for today only. I had hoped it would
be in perpetuity.

Anyway, I've made all my back catalog, all five of my CD (including the one
I did with Christie Burns) available for download. You can listen to each
track in it's entirety, and download just the ones you want for $1 per song
(you can pay more if you want to tho') or entire albums for $7 (or again,
more if you want to).

I'd encourage you to download the whole albums because all of them (except
the one with Christie Burns) contain bonus tracks that are unavailable
anywhere else. The download for People, Places, Things comes with a whole
other EP, while the download for Found Objects
comes with unreleased tracks that will appear on a future album.

The tiny extra financial benefit to me is only good for today. But the
albums will remain there in perpetuity. Many of you buy CDs and burn them
into your computers. Well, this just saves you a step.

Hope you all are staying safe and not yet too stir crazy

See you out there (in here).


"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro

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